One of the key players in today’s technology driven business times is logistics service provider. This entity is the middleman or the flux between the buyer and the supplier. In fact LSP makes sure that the goods and materials are loaded efficiently from the seller hub, and then moved, delivered and/or stored on time and in good condition. It simply means avoiding delays and bottlenecks at the receiver end. This three way relationship forms an important partnership for smooth functioning of businesses these days.

At Global Cargo Wave we offer time bound delivery service for ship spares and marine parts. Our door to deck delivery mechanism is affordable, transparent, time sensitive and provide on board deliveries to locations worldwide. So, what does it mean for our customers? Door pick up from assorted locations, even those which are hard to access and deliver anywhere in the world at a competitive price point.

Global Cargo Wave is now focusing on the airline spare parts handling. We are keen to develop it as one of the key services just like the other ones we have developed over the years. We are not just shippers and transporters. We form collaborative partnerships, focused not just on delivering service for a fee, but in shaping our customers’ growth and success.

Unlike other LSP’s or logistics service providers we do not specialize in any one area. What we offer is end to end solution which makes us attractive in terms of efficiency, affordability and transparency. It also means fewer interactions and less paperwork for freight and logistics services.

Global Cargo Wave offers transportation, warehousing & distribution solutions under one roof. Our services are tailor-made. It translates into a mechanism which is created especially for your freight and logistics requirements.

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