customs clearing

Global Cargo Wave is one of the leading customs clearing agency for an array of goods and consignments. Our hassle free and effortless handling of import / import consignments across national and international ports and airports makes us the preferred partner of several renowned companies of USA.

This is possible because we understand and adhere to the provisions of USA customs Act & Regulations. We initiate the release of goods using appropriate paperwork, applicable laws of import / export trade. That we maintain extremely cordial relationship with various customs authorities and people makes our task even smoother. For our customers it simply means no detention or delays.

We are the pioneers when it comes to customs clearance, and we are proud of the fact. Our motto has always been to offer services which are transparent, affordable and absolutely law abiding in nature. This is the reason why we keep ourselves abreast with the latest customs notifications and provisions. We know that ignorance can result in huge impositions and penalties. We make sure our customers never undergo such ordeals. We are time bound, genuine and believe in long lasting relationships.

We make sure the consignments are quickly processed when it comes to sea / air – import / export. Moreover, our privileged status offers us a certain degree of cushion, and a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating difficult consignments.

The challenges of bureaucratic procedures are not new to us. We have the temperament and the acumen to negotiate these stumble blocks in the most amicable way. Our tariff team is well qualified and experienced. Therefore, all the declarations are processed as per the current statutory import / export laws, minimizing future trouble for our customers.

We have a dedicated custom clearances team at air cargo complex.

Global Cargo Wave offers complete door to door service from various locations to India, including custom clearance effectively at USA airport for Oil & Gas companies and drilling activity companies.

At Global Cargo Wave we love technology. Customers are provided with real time status reports via intuitive dashboard on our website, or the same is also offered through email depending on the customer’s preference. So, call or write to us for your customs clearance and freight requirements. We guarantee to surprise you with our prompt response / service and affordable price point.

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